The San Francisco boys of Leather

As of June 1, 2010, the San Francisco boys of Leather is on hiatus, but our members are still out working very hard in the San Francisco leather community. Please look for us supporting events within the Alameda County Leather Corps, California Bootblack community, Golden Gate Guards and the K-9 Unit.

We will be maintaining this web site for the foreseeable future and former members can still be contacted via the emails referenced on the succeeding pages.

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The San Francisco boys of Leather provide a safe arena to empower self-identified boys of leather in serving the greater leather community, increasing the visibility of leather boys, and educating others in what it means to be a boy of leather. Through service and fun, we will support each other and our community.

we define the term leather boy as broadly as possible, without regard to gender, appearance or sexual orientation. we come together in our common devotion to service and dedication to the leather community.

The San Francisco boys of Leather thank
440 Castro (formerly Daddy's Bar) and Marlena's Bar
for their help in getting our club off the ground and for their constant support.